Mathematics is

the language that

computers speak


director of RiskLab

A University research laboratory established in 1996, conducts research in quantitative finance, with special focus on asset management, machine learning, data science, credit risk, blockchains and the economic aspects of COVID-19



director of MMF

Established in 1998, The Master’s Program in Mathematical Finance (MMF). Listed 7’th in the world in the rankings,  it remains at the forefront of training in quantitative finance. MMF is a boutique Program admitting a select number of students each year who will move through the Program as one cohort. The exclusive nature of our Program means that students will learn in smaller class sizes, have the opportunity to build lasting bonds with their classmates and work in industry-like teams to complete projects and presentations.




MMF e-Learning

Other academic roles

Lecturer, M.Sc. in Finance and Information Management


Lecturer, M.Sc. in Finance and Information Management


Lecturer, summer school.

Renmin University


Fellow, President’s International Fellowship

Chinese Academy of Sciences 



in the media


The Ubiquity of Mathematics

From a tool to understand the world around us, to the language that machine speak, Mathematics has evolved over time to become our companion no matter what we do.


hedge funds

New investor trends demand enhanced transparency, risk management in real time, fee alignment, cost control and in short, a new way to invest that is redefining the asset management industry.

Investing and risk

A love hate relationship, you can’t invest without taking risks, and the risks you take determine the profitability to expect. This is the maxim driving quantitative finance innovation today.


One of the emerging challenges of modern times, it requires a diverse approach addressing emissions, biodiversity and social elements